Specialists in EPLAN

We design electrical projects


We design and manage electrical projects. We believe that a detailed design of the electrical diagram optimizes the subsequent phases of execution and commissioning. We bet on working with the Eplan platform, which in addition to being a design program,it is an electric project management tool.

The electrical diagram correctly designed with Eplan goes beyond mere drawing and becomes a management element from which information can be extracted, such as a list of materials or label printing. It also facilitates the coordination, automation and standardization of the different phases of a project, reducing errors.

Digitalize industrial installations


Having updated information about the installation helps to avoid and repair faults more effectively. The digitization of the technical information of machinery and installations can be one of the first tasks to be undertaken on the road towards the digitalization of the Industry.

We generate new documentation about the installation in digital format. It includes location plans, technical diagrams, manuals and other relevant information, especially addressed to the Maintenance Service. The digital documentation allows to be consulted from any device and update it effectively.


At Argieskema, we work as external support in engineering and electrical design and fluid development tasks with EPLAN. We also help to standardize and automate the design processes in those companies where Eplan is already working. Our challenge; define the outline project well with Eplan, with the OBJECTIVE of using it as a database from which to extract information in the different management phases.


When dealing with a breakdown, having accessible information that can be consulted is key.


The digitized information is accessible to everyone at any place and can be updated as modifications are made. It can be consulted from the office or in situ in front of the machine, through a PC, tablet or augmented reality glasses. It reduces time, displacements and unproductive stops.


In the cases of machinery that needs a retrofit, legalize securities or go to disassemble and assemble in another place, in Argieskema we make an analysis of the machine and generate new documentation about it. A new, updated, rigorous file. A document with technical diagrams and all relevant information about the machine.