We digitize the technical information of your installation

What is it about?

Digitizing an industrial installation means that all the documentation you have about your machine or electrical installation is passed to digital format so you can consult it from tablets, mobile phones, computers or augmented reality glasses! We are not talking about scanning it, but to go to the installation, browse it, collect the documentation (diagrams, manuals, notes), verify that it corresponds with reality (but update it) and pass it to digital using the EPLAN engineering software. The result; a new project, updated, navigable and focused on Maintenance Service.

What are you winning?

Efficiency, knowledge and reliability.

You make the information accessible to any operator, from any device and anywhere. The unnecessary displacements are reduced and troubleshooting is made faster. Facilitates the development of maintenance plans, retrofits and legalizations of machinery. It is a way to advance in the management and transmission of technical knowledge.